UK Black Friday Game Sales Are Down This Year, But Switch Is On The Rise


UK Black Friday Game Sales Are Down This Year, But Switch Is On The Rise

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For the UK, last week was one of the most important and highest-earning weeks of the year for the gaming industry, with more than one million physical games being sold. As reports, however, this seemingly impressive number is actually 20% down on Black Friday 2019.

Last year, UK gaming fans picked up 1.3 million boxed games across the same seven-day period, meaning this year was a little disappointing in comparison. Of course, there are plenty of factors which will have influenced this, with high street stores being closed due to the pandemic and a trend which saw plenty of retailers kicking off their Black Friday deals early.

Despite this drop in sales for the industry as a whole, though, Switch sales actually saw a boost this year. With PS5 and Xbox Series X|S mostly unavailable, and thanks to a relative lack of interest in their last-generation counterparts, Nintendo had an opportunity to dominate with new console stock and tempting bundles. notes that physical Switch game sales were up 33% during Black Friday week when compared to the week before, and that Switch titles accounted for more than 38% of all boxed games during the week. In fact, 9% more Switch games were sold during this Black Friday than throughout last year’s event, a decent increase year-on-year despite the drop for gaming as a whole.

It’s looking increasingly likely that Nintendo will soon be posting some seriously impressive numbers once the holiday season is done and dusted; just last week, Switch console shipping data revealed that ‘crazy’ records look set to be broken in the US, too.